Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bodyguard Australia

Bodyguard Australia

Hire bodyguards in Australia

Bodyguard Australia is an Australian based company providing executive protection to both national and international clientele. We also provid luxury vehicles driven by a licensed bodyguards at very affordable rates in QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC. You can check out some of the vehicles by clicking here.

Our services are also extended to private citizens who find themselves in need of a bodyguard in volatile situations. Our operatives are on the ground everyday providing discreet and professional service. If you wish to make a booking please proceed to the feedback page.

Our bodyguards at the very least have either a military, police or high-end security background. Our company has been in operation since 2006.

Bodyguard Australia's services are completely documented and insured. We pay close attention to detail and do our best to anticipate and plan for problems before it becomes a problem.

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